Tuesday, April 20, 2010

You don't fool me, Malibu Barbie

Apparently this blog has been taken over by someone who thinks she knows something about marketing. I don't. I have a finance degree; thus, I don't know anything more than the average consumer. I would like to think that even the average consumer would notice a problem with this:

Excuse me, fake Channel 7 reporter, let's have a chat. First, I would like to discuss your need for sunscreen. I realize that you probably love to spend your 20 minutes in a tanning bed because it's "relaxing" but get a hold of yourself.

Secondly, let's discuss professionalism in the "workplace." I don't think this halter top-esque shirt would actually make it on any television station (except possibly the Playboy channel). Get a nice button-up. Maybe like Jessica Schambach:

Lastly, what the hell is an Acai berry? Is it a new fad? Are people buying it bulk to supplement their diets? Why do they need to be exposed?

Please also keep in mind that I saw this ad in the Durant Daily Democrat. Yes that Durant. What? It's the "Gateway to Lake Texoma."

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