Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Deluxe Grad-birth-mas

Whew, December 2011, you were quite a wild ride. Here's how you went:

The first third of December was full of Christmas orders and inventory building. I had the Deluxe Indie Craft Bazaar to prepare for! I had a list of things I wanted to take, and I took to making them. All the while, I was busy working on Christmas orders for those of you so kind to order them! While I was preparing for Deluxe, I took an evening off to attend the Leadership OKC Holiday Party. Casey and I were both in LOYAL, so we were really looking forward to it. Little did I know that I would run into Carrie Coppernoll Jacobs who would subsequently ask me to do an interview. That little interview showed up in The Oklahoman on the Friday before the show!

December 9 - Appear in The Oklahoman - here's the article

I took that Thursday and Friday off from my full-time job to work on finalizing items/getting my decor ready for Saturday.When Saturday hit, I felt more than prepared.

December 10 - Deluxe Indie Craft Bazaar - here's my post about that

After 8 hours of setup, working, talking, selling, and tearing down, Deluxe was done. I had an amazing experience, and I was glad my first craft show had been so successful. One of my favorite things, however, had nothing to do with my own booth. I was able to meander through the other booths and see what everyone else was offering. There was some super cool stuff!

As soon as I had completed this exciting new venture, I had to buckle down to wrap up one that I've been working on for 2 years - Grad School. One final paper stood between me and my cap and gown. After balancing research, survey taking, and paper writing, my final project was complete on Thursday, December 15 at 9PM. Just a final look at the citations, and all was ready to send in. So, on Friday, December 16, I walked across a very important stage.

December 16 - Grad School Graduation

December 16th also marked another very special occasion for me for another reason - I picked up 2 books from the library. Not the OU library, the OKC library. Two books that I could just read for fun. On December 17th, I read half of the first book, and I finished it the next day. I can read for pleasure again!!!!

After all of my schoolwork was complete and my Christmas orders were wrapped up, I had my first TV interview on KSBI's All About You. Kealey, the host, is in my LOYAL Class, and she was excited to bring me on. After some funny green room antics (including an entire singing group made up of 20-25 year old guys questioning me about crochet), I made my debut!

December 23 - Appear on KSBI's All About You - here's the post about that

That evening, we attended the Cornett family's 3rd annual Poker Tournament and our friends' Eve Eve Party. At midnight, however, it was time to sing happy birthday!

candle in a birthday cookie!
December 24- My birthday

Casey and I had celebrated my birthday on Thursday with dinner at Trattoria Il Centro and the play "A Territorial Christmas Carol" at Pollard Theatre - which I highly recommend to everyone. So, on my actual birthday, we celebrated our Christmas! After complete destruction of all wrapping paper, we jumped on up to Pawnee.

December 25 - Christmas (duh)

Christmas was full of family, fun and ridiculous games of Family Feud. If they're ever looking for a new host, I have plenty of practice.

All in all, things were amazing in December. I spent a lot of time with some of my best friends and with some of my amazingly fun family members. However, I'm now exhausted beyond all measure :) Time for a nap!

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