Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Neighborhood Living

There's this little thing standing between you and me. It's the concept of neighborhoods with names. Now, I know what you're thinking. It's a completely normal, commonplace thing to let me know that your house is in such-and-such neighborhood. However, to me, it's like saying, "I live on Mars." Actually no. I know where Mars is. I don't know where the neighborhood is that you're referring to.


Lest I remind you, I grew up in a town of 2,000. There are 2 4-way stoplights. When you look up a Neighborhood Profile of a place in Pawnee, Oklahoma, Yahoo! Real Estate gives you the demographics of the entire town. And while there are several people who may act like and resemble our friend Mr. Rogers, they belong to Pawnee. They don't belong to such-and-such neighborhood.

So, when I ask you where you live, please give me cross streets. I finally know them now!

Please remember, I'm moving over to!


Mom said...

By the way, it's snowing right now in the Masham community!

Mom said...

Pawnee may not have "neighborhoods," but we do have additions: Reeves addition, Park Place addition, etc. However, we are careful never to judge anyone by their "addition." We are all just Pawneeites (or is it Pawneeans?). We also give directions by who built a particular house. For example, turn right at the old Anderson place, even though Old Man Anderson has been dead and gone for 50 years.