Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Bam, it's 2012!

There are a few things I hope to accomplish in 2012. Some are carry-overs from 2011, some are brand new, some are practical and some are ridiculous. However, I hope 2012 brings with it the excitement and power to get through these few things.

1) Blog more. I was great about getting posts out there in December, and I hope to continue this through the entirety of 2012. It's something I really enjoy. I also need to clean this bad boy up. Look for some redesigns to come your way in 2012.

2) Figure out how to solve a freakin' Rubik's Cube. Every time I watch someone do it, I am completely enamored. How? What? Crap. I need to learn how to do that.

3) Get to a place where I have zero debt on credit cards, medical bills, etc. I'm fine with having a mortgage... for now.

4) In reference to #3 - I won't use my credit card in 2012. Bold, yes. Necessary, well sure. If I can't afford it, I don't need it. This requires a ...


6) Allow myself the freedom to take chances. There are likely big life changes in store for me in 2012. First time to live with a boy, becoming more proactive in marekalaine (the store, not the person) so that it will grow. In order to do these things, I need to get out of my own way and take some leaps.

7) Write more greeting cards. In all fairness, I stole this idea from a fellow blogger, Valerie. Truth be told, I've been on the receiving end of many a card from my bestie, Lindsay, and I always feel so special when I am. Time for me to spread the love.

8) Learn how to use (and actually use) InDesign and Photoshop.

9) Read more. My goal is 52 books in 52 weeks. I'll document that journey here for your viewing pleasure. It's like my own personal book club. Except the only person I'll be discussing things with is myself. Obviously, you can feel free to give me your 2 cents (Kelly Ogle style). 

10) This one has to be about health, right? Sure. I think I'm going to let this one fluctuate throughout the year (like my weight ... amiright?). Each month, I'll have a new resolution for health. For January, my goal is to workout at least 30 minutes, 3 times a week - walking, weights, Barre3, pilates, yoga, etc. Whatever it takes for me to hit that goal. Food-wise, I'm going to stop drinking calories. Which means I'll be saying two things quite a bit this month - "I'll take my coffee black" and "No, I'm not pregnant."

What are yours? How do you stay on track?


Rita said...

We did Dave Ramsey's 13 week "Financial Peace University". It changed our lives... Not just our bank accounts. We've been debt-free for 12 years now. Woo!!

See if you can find a class near you. You won't regret it.

Sommer said...

I think I mentioned it on your resolutions blog post last year, but check out Mint.com...it seriously makes budgeting easy and fun.

Gina aka Slappy said...

Wow! You are ambitious!

I am stealing the Rubik's Cube idea for my "list". I can never figure those darn things out!