Monday, January 25, 2010


Recently, there was an episode of Community where 2 of the lead characters were involved in a debate over whether humanity was sublimely good or naturally evil. In the funny way that sitcoms often do, they proved that people value selfishness over all other things. A few things have happened in the past couple of days that have led me to believe that the Community characters are wrong (but come on, it's television!).

On Friday night, the United Way of Central Oklahoma announced that this community had raised $20.1 million to help fund local non-profits. In a year where the over-arching theme was, "... in this economy," central Oklahomans rose above and beyond and raised over $1.5 million more than we did last year.

As I was driving to work this morning, traffic was at a standstill on the interstate. Given that I was running late (weird), traffic should have been flowing freely. Of course, my first inclination was to get angry that there was probably a wreck and all of these rubberneckers were causing traffic to be backed up. Once I got up to the point where traffic finally started moving again, I noticed what had been the cause for so many drivers to slow it down - an Amber Alert. People were passing under the overhead sign flashing all of the details about the Amber Alert at a snail's pace so they could take in all of the information.

In a day and age where people are constantly worried about themselves, these two events made me believe that we truly are a gracious and giving society. It's nice to get reminders every once in a while that the humanity hasn't completely lost concern for others!

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