Thursday, February 11, 2010

My mom is one step closer to Fergie Ferg status

So I got an email from my dad today with the subject line, "Juicy Couture classic velour tracksuit set." I opened the message, and it said, "This is what I got your mom for Valentine's Day. Think she'll like it? Love, dad"

Um.... huh??

Either my dad is playing a funny, funny joke on me or he has lost all of his sensibilities*. Either way, I'm in a horrible position. Either I go along, pretending that it's okay that my mom owns a velour tracksuit that says the word "Juicy" on the rear, OR I totally call him on his practical joke. I decided to do neither and ask what color he got her, as there were several options. I thought that this would be an easy way for him to let me know that this was all a bad dream. However, he responded with one word: red.

So.... now I have to wait until Valentine's Day to find out what she actually got.

*If you're reading this and know my dad, please don't mention to him that I'm questioning his sensibilities. That can only lead to trouble.

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