Friday, September 17, 2010

Great State Fair of O-klahoma

Look at me, I'm blogging. Bet you thought I'd long since forgotten about this mode of communication, didn't you?

Today I would like to discuss the Great State Fair of O-klahoma.

As I haven't been there since the age of 6, I want to relay the picture you're all painting for me via other sources (twitter, facebook, and good ol' fashion conversation). The State Fair includes the following:
- fried stuff... and a lot of it.
- chocolate covered-bacon. Not gonna lie, I'm intrigued.
- carnies. Real life carnies. With their carny hands.
- fewer teeth per capita than the average event.
- mullets. Oh lord, the mullets.

Given all of those descriptions, it's no wonder I haven't been back! Well kids, tonight's the night I shall make my return to the OK State Fair. That's right, after a 20-year absence, I'm being coerced to go. I'll report back to you my findings.

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