Thursday, September 30, 2010

State Fair Follow-up

I realize this follow-up is about two weeks too late, but there was a good chance I'd puke if I thought about what I'd eaten. I've given my tummy time to settle, so now I shall report!

We got to the fair and immediately went on the hunt for a donut cheeseburger. You heard me... a d-o-n-u-t cheeseburger. Of course, this was for the boyfriend, as I would not think of eating something so disgusting. As we were making our lap around the fair to find said burger, I had to stop and stare. No, ladies and gents, I didn't pay to see the "smallest woman alive" or the "smallest horse alive." I stopped to see this:

For most of you, this picture means nothing. But for me, I was convinced that this was mi madre! What is she doing at the fair? Where's my dad? Why is she very invested in what the guy is saying at the tractor exhibit?? After a good 10 minutes of staring and having Casey pose in front of a tractor so I could secretly snap this shot over his shoulder, the lady turned around to reveal that it wasn't my mom. I was crushed (but sorta happy because you never want to see your mom invested in what the guy is saying at the tractor exhibit). But we marched onward...

We had done a full lap around fair park and hadn't seen one donut cheeseburger. It was time to ask the ladies at the In-fair-mation booth (yeah, I found that very clever and tried to use the phrase all night). We were directed to a secret alley where all of the crazy food lives. As we passed by the fried coke and the fried twinkies/snickers, I knew we were close. There it was in all of its glory - the donut burger stand. Casey ordered his, and we waited. The anticipation might have been too much for him, but I still had my doubts (and by doubts, I mean my stomach was revolting at the mere thought of it). FINALLY, Casey got his beloved donut cheeseburger. And let me tell you, it actually looked gooood.

It wasn't a glazed donut as I expected, but just the fried dough. My stomach and I made a joint decision to steal a bite while Casey wasn't looking (my ego needed to stay in tact). It was delicious. More than delicious - it was incredible. I would eat one every day of my life if I could be guaranteed I wouldn't gain 300 pounds and have heart failure.

I ended up getting a foot-long chili cheese coney (yeah, 'cause that's healthier). We shared a fried snickers, which was also deliciously amazing. Then we made our way to the cinnamon rolls. I couldn't even finish half of it.

All in all, the fair was a great time. I saw some interesting folks but not one mullet.

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