Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Procrastinator and the Frog

Once upon a time, in a land close, close to home, there was a girl named Marek...

It all begins with Casey's family coming into town from Florida. I had never met these cousins, and since Casey's mom is really close with them, I was eager to finally meet them. There was only one issue - the family dinner that was scheduled was on the same night as my class. The dinner was at 6, class was at 7, and I'm always optimistic in how much time I will spend in traffic (as in, I don't think it takes nearly as long as it does to get from point A to point B).

I left the dinner (begrudgingly) at 6:45. Now let me tell you, the dinner was at Britton & May, and my class was on the OUHSC Campus. I should have been able to make it in the 15 minutes... had I gone the correct way out of the restaurant's parking lot. However, I did not. I wound down Britton all the way to 235 and hit every stop light along the way.

I arrived at my building a mere 5 minutes late, and that's where things got wild. I spent about 3 minutes pounding on the door on the front then wandered around the side of the building with hopes that door might be open. No dice. Oh, but what do we have here, a box with a telephone in it - score!

I don't know who I thought might be on the phone once it was picked up - campus security? someone in the building? I didn't get that far, though. As soon as I opened the box, a FROG jumped out and went down my shirt. A frog... jumped down... my shirt. I dropped my school bag & purse and began dancing around while trying to remove the amphibian from my bra.

In the middle of my battle with the frog, my night took yet another interesting turn. Red and blue lights surround the parking lot I was standing in. Out of his car comes a cop, hand placed on his hip ready to take the necessary actions as he was dealing with a very menacing perp - me. When he questioned me, I gladly pulled the frog out of my shirt and displayed it, but I'm not sure that really helped my case. I tried my best to convince him that I was indeed there to take a class, and I wasn't trying to break into the building. After taking my (undergrad) student id - yeah the one where my hair was blond and I was sporting my thick black-framed glasses - he finally decided I was a credible student.

I may have missed 30 minutes of class, but I'll have an amazing story to tell my kids about punctuality.

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joanna said...

Wow, so hysterical! And reassuring to know that such crazy things do indeed happen to other people. I'm just wondering if the frog peed in your bra...