Monday, November 15, 2010

"A going problem..."

I feel comfortable enough with you all to talk about a seemingly taboo topic, so it's time I talk about my office's bathroom setup... and how it sucks.

I drew you a diagram (you're welcome) -

As you enter the bathroom, you must walk down a long corridor. Right when you turn the corner, you are face to face with stall number 1. DO NOT USE THIS STALL. That is, unless you want everyone to see you. There is no way not to see in the stall. The gaps between the door and the walls are too large, and this could be very embarrassing for you and me both. Keep movin' on to the next stall.

Stall number two is the 2nd worse stall as far as modesty goes. Again, large gaps, and you can see through part of it as you walk around the corner. I'd keep going to stall 3, if I were you.

The optimal stall is obviously stall number 3. Someone would have to stand directly in front of it to see you. Which, unless you work with some questionable characters, is nearly impossible.

I never use stall number 4 because I'm deathly afraid someone will enter who actually needs to use it.

As you can see, stall number 3 is my go-to. But there's a problem that arises - I'm not the only person to use this restroom. Things get complicated when someone else is in stall 3. It's bad news for everyone. I'm not about to use stall number 1 (visibility issues), stalls number 2 and number 4 are in direct violation of bathroom code: thou shalt not use a bathroom stall that is on either side of the stall currently in use. Not joking, I leave the bathroom and come back later if this is the case.

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Jacob L. Rowe said...

I understand. I wonder if your bathroom is as bad as the mens restroom directly outside of the Belle Isle Brewery, though. In that poorly designed room one of the urinals is PERPENDICULAR to the mirror and sink.