Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Year in Review

2010 came and went in the blink of an eye. But there were some very notable events, people, and places that are worth reminiscing about.

I'm still attending the University of Oklahoma to get my Masters of Public Administration. With 18 hours down, I'm only looking at 15 hours of class and one final prospectus that stands between me and that diploma.

Roscoe Ulysses Ferguson (RUF for short) continues to terrorize my life and bring me joy at the exact same time. This year, I came home to find a paper sack on my front porch with a note from my neighbor stating, "Found these in your backyard." The contents? 2 pairs of short, 3 shirts, 2 pairs of underwear and a sports bra. None had been eaten, he just felt the need for my bedroom floor to be a little cleaner. Jerk.

In April, I went to New York City to visit a friend. We saw Promises, Promises, and went to the Guggenheim and the Museum of Modern Art. I saw the touristy things I didn't get to see when I was in NYC 10 years ago. Little did I know, I was going back in October!!

In May, I met a pretty cool kid. Casey and I haven't stopped running all over OKC since we first met. From The Lost Ogle's Trivia Nights to Monday Night Football at the Johnsons' we've made some pretty great stories!

We didn't just stick around the OKC, though. Over Labor Day, an impromptu trip took us to Kansas City for the weekend. We saw the Country Club Plaza, the Power and Light District and Westport (where we had an spur-of-the-moment dance party). It was definitely a trip to remember!

I'm still working at United Way where I'm loving every moment of it. 2010 brought a big change to the Campaign department, however. My best friend, Joanna, took on a new job as a counselor. It's her true calling, but I miss seeing her face every day. She's still up for a good lunch at Iguana or a yoga session at the Midtown YMCA!

In October, Casey and I took another trip to NYC! This time, it was a completely different experience. As we had both been there a few times, we got to discover the city in a different way - not as tourists. In fact, one of the highlights of the trip was when a tourist asked us where the nearest AT&T store was as we were walking through the Upper East Side (which meant she thought we were locals!). We saw all of the How I Met Your Mother locations and even found McGee's Pub which is what McLaren's is based off of. We walked across the Brooklyn Bridge and spent some time in Brooklyn, we stumbled upon John Lennon's 70th birthday celebration in Central Park where we sang along with thousands of others to Lennon's songs. The skating rink at Rockefeller Center opened the Friday we stumbled upon it, and we were among the very first to skate on this legendary piece of ice!

And it all ended with a night spent in LaGuardia. But, that's a whole different story...

In 2010, I also discovered I enjoy crafting. I've made a few scarves and a mini-hat (that wasn't necessarily supposed to be that mini) by crocheting. I've also started embellishing my note cards with my own embossing kit. Watch out world, who knows what craft I'm going to take on next!

Looking forward to 2011, there's a European Vacation being planned, a few more classes for Spring to wrap up my Masters. There are even a few side-business ideas rolling around in this brain of mine.


Casey Cornett said...

This "Casey" sounds pretty awesome.

joanna said...
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Lindsay said...

This "Lindsay" sounds pretty wonderful, too. Oh wait. She wasn't mentioned and you obviously hate her!

joanna said...

This joanna sounds pretty awesome, too. Maybe you should rendezvous in Europe. I hear she's also planning a trip there.

nichole rachele said...

Casey and Lindsay both sound wonderfully awesome (see what I did there) as do the side businesses....love your life!