Monday, January 3, 2011

Thank heaven for 2011.

Coming out of the past year, I can't help but look forward to the next. So here are my goals, my dreams, my aspirations, and my doubts:

Of course, my biggest dream is for my dog to not be an ass. Too much to ask? Maybe. But dammit, I'm going to try to tame the beast that is sweet little Roscoe. As an update: I think Roscoe grabbed my iPad, clicked on the link to my blog because he knew he was mentioned, and read my last post about how ridiculous he is. This was the result -

10-12 skeins of yarn, dragged through the entire backyard and knotted unspeakably. I went through all stages of grief and refused to talk to him for 2 days. This will lead me to do something I should have done long ago - obedience training. I'm going to do some research, find out what's right for him (and me) and work to making Roscoe a better person, er, dog.

What did I need all of that yarn for, you might ask? In 2011, I also have dreams to become a better at crocheting/knitting. While the candles on my birthday cake only added up to 27, I believe I am actually 87 and going through a crafting phase. I've mastered the art of the scarf, and I've recently begun drifting to more creative tasks such as hats and fingerless gloves. It's pretty entertaining for me, and I'm enjoying it quite a bit. Someday I'd like to be able to set up my own etsy shop, but I need to get much better at my craft before I walk down that road.

One thing I always resolve to do is eat healthier/workout more (but really, who doesn't have that as a resolution?). For me, I have the best of intentions for about 2 days, then I start drifting back to my couch potato ways. After filling out the Blue Cross Blue Shield health surveys, it dawned on me that 1) I don't exercise but once every 2-3 weeks, 2) I eat whatever the hell I want without regard, and 3) I've gained 20 pounds since college. Wah. Wah. So... I'm setting up some obtainable goals, and I'm going to stair-step my way to bigger goals. Instead of stating I'm going to run a half marathon, I'm going to set a goal of running/walking 10 miles a week in January with cross-training at Barre3. Check back with me in a month to see if I'm actually getting my rear in gear.

I'm gettin' my passport stamped this year! I've been to both Canada and Mexico, but those trips were during the P.P. (pre-pasport) era. Spanish vacation? Yes, please.

Recently, I've fully come to realize how much good girlfriends can impact one's life in such a great way. I've mentioned Joanna before, but I've recently gotten closer to Lindsay, Kara, Nichole, and Rachel. These friendships have really grown over the past year, and I'm excited to see how much more they grow over 2011! (It's worth mentioning that my bestie, Kelsey, relocated to Dallas. Loser. But, alas, I shall visit her soon!)

Lindsay and I actually had a conversation about my next 2011 goal: budgets. I'm soooo good at making excel spreadsheets with everything categorized. But I'm terrible at actually having motivation to follow those bugetary restrictions. So I'm going to step it up and stop being lazy this year. After all, I'm saving for a Spanish vacation!

And last but certainly not least, I'm going to purposefully study for my classes this year. As I mentioned last post, I'm a mere 15 hours from that graduate degree, but I've put out so-so effort. I'm excited about both classes I'm taking this Spring, so there is NO excuse to not become fully entrenched in what I'm learning. I'm going to read before class (because lord knows I'm not going to study my notes after class).

Those are a few of my ideas about how I can make 2011 better, more effective, and happier. What are your ideas? Your motivations? Your words of encouragement?


Sheri said...

If you ever want to make and donate some of those fingerless gloves.... you know.... I wouldn't be sad.

Computer work all day = cold hands

Sommer said...

In regards to your budget goal you should check out Way more fun than any excel spread sheet budget! I'm a huge fan of graphs and being able to see where my money is being spent (or how much I'm saving up for a sweet trip!) and Mint is awesome for that.