Monday, January 24, 2011

The Green Door

This past Sunday, I woke up in my extra fluffy bed. I slept until I couldn't sleep anymore, and Roscoe did the same. When I woke, I didn't get out of bed, either. I stayed and read my book, caught up on the blogs I had neglected last week, and genuinely enjoyed the sunlight that was creeping through my window.

All of this to say, I REALLY love my bedroom.

But there was something lacking. I mentioned in one of my last posts that I was without a proper headboard (and by proper, I mean any). But, I had a plan...

I was going to take this door and work my magic. See, the door sat idly by in my living room. It had no purpose (other than pissing me off every time I saw it just sitting there).

So the first step was to add molding to it. Easy enough, I had my fine friends at Home Depot cut the pieces of wood to size. I grabbed some wood screws and some nails, and I went on my merry way.

It was pretty simple, really. I just placed the molding flat against the edge of the door and nailed it in. The issue came with the screws. ::rant begins:: Who on earth thought it was a smart idea to make the heads of wood screws out of zinc? As far as I'm concerned, my drill thought the zinc screws were actually made of aluminum and did this:

Seriously screws? ::rant over::

Anyhow, onward I went with my wood trim finally secure. The next step was to take a note from my friend, Brigette, and apply wax to the surface (oh, and check out the rest of her blog because it's great). I just took a small, unscented candle and coated the door with concentration on the edges, corners of the panels and the molding.

After the wax was on, I painted the door this beautiful Valspar color - Tropical Hideaway. I absolutely LOVE the color. (Note: I have my own system of completing tasks, and I generally do things erratically and fill in the spaces in between. Once the two coats I applied had dried, I took to that sucker with sandpaper. Who knows what grit it was!? I found it in my garage, so I just went with it. It actually turned out great! The only thing I wish I would have done is primer the top piece of wood. I didn't think about the light brown showing through instead of the white. But oh well, gives it character, right?

I'll post again after I get this sucker hung on the wall behind my bed. It seems like a rather extensive process, so I'm making my dad come down to complete it.

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bird brains said...

Awesome!! We think alike! I have, in the past used a door and apple crates as a coffee table/ record holder! Good ole multi purpose doors! Love 'em.