Friday, January 14, 2011

Upcoming Weekend

{Disclaimer: if you are a boy, you will not find most of this the least bit interesting; however, I will be using power tools at some point so you might want to stay tuned.}

'Twas the Friday before a three-day weekend... and visions of craft projects danced through my head.

I've recently learned about Google Reader. How I did not know about this fantastic device until now, I might never know. Anyhow, GR has afforded me the opportunity to stalk follow some pretty amazing bloggers out there. I, of course, follow my friend's happenings, but recently I've found the craft blog world. One craft blog leads me to another which leads me to another and another and... you get my point. I could actually spend every week night and all weekend just looking at craft blogs. People are so damned creative. There are a few projects that I have set my sights on (not in a creepy, Sarah Palin sort of way).

Let's get right down to it - the list of things I hope to accomplish this weekend.

1. Tissue Rosette Kissing Balls (you can laugh at the name. I did.)

You know what's right around the corner? Valentine's Day! I've never been a big fan of ol' St. Valentine, but if the holiday allows me to drop in to my local Michael's and get my fix, I'm on it. I got the idea and the pattern from The Idea Room one of those crafty blogs I was telling you about earlier. The blog's author, Amy, hangs them from key hooks, places them in a centerpiece tray and makes topiaries out of them. My hope is to just make them presentable enough to do something with. Anything. Some kind of display.

2. Heart Wreath

It's a wreath. It's shaped like a heart. It's a heart wreath! But really, how cute is this?? I fully intend on adding a big, luscious white ribbon to the top and hanging it on my front door. It's practically a proclamation. "Love lives here!" it'll say. Ah... yes.

3. Headboard

Speaking of doors, I purchased one in May, and it's been sitting against my living room wall ever since. Do you know how infuriating it is to walk past it every day and have it serve as a reminder of my sheer laziness? Maddening, I tell you. So, this weekend, I have some big plans. You see that door to the left there? Imagine that door turned on its side with crown molding on top, painted a bright teal with an antique finish. Yeah, you get me. I got my inspiration from How I Met Your Mother - Marshall & Lily's Bed

The bonus to this project is that I might actually get to use a nail gun. A machine whose main purpose is to use compressed air to SHOOT nails out of it. {Please check back on Tuesday for my post about how I ended up in the ER.}

4. Clean my garage

There are currently 78,909,283 boxes in my garage. And I've told you a million times, I don't exaggerate. My goal is to get them in the attic and purchase some racks to place along the sides of my garage to store boxes I need more frequently.

I didn't post a picture for two reasons. 1) The sheer embarrassment I would feel from the tens of people who read this blog is just too much to handle. 2) My light burned out in my garage, so I wouldn't have been able to take a picture if I wanted to.

5. Buy a new light for the garage

6. Purchase a bookcase for my kitchen

Did you know I have cookbooks? Did you know I have A LOT of cookbooks? Did you know they are currently taking up space in one of my three other bookcases that are currently at capacity? Well, I do and they are. I have a nice big window to put said bookcase under in my kitchen so I can easily access them and create more space for books I'll never read (see, I have a problem with buying books that seem so interesting. Yet I never find the time to read them).

7. Start a gambling ring where bets are placed on how many of these projects will actually be accomplished by the crack of dawn on Tuesday.


ely said...

YOU JUST FOUND GOOGLE READER! That invention will greatly decrease your productivity. Before I found it I followed about 5 ...well, let's just I stopped counting at 50. And if I miss a day, my little number of unread post is typically way over 300! So consider this your warning :)

Can't wait to see how all your projects turn out!

Casey Cornett said...

...cough, gate, cough...

joanna said...

I want in on that ring. However, before I put 5 on it, I need to know are we talking about projects started or projects completed? If it's the latter, I could be looking at early retirement. You go girl!

bird brains said...


i partially just wanted to say that.. but the other part of me REALLY does love them