Thursday, May 19, 2011

Holiday in Spain, Part Cinco: Madrid

Wow, we'll be on a plane TOMORROW. So, I should probably fill you in on what other cities we're going to traverse!


Casey lived in Madrid for 8 months after college. As it seems, every single one of his friends has lived or visited this majestic city. And now it's my turn. Some of the things we'll see:

La Cibeles

Puerta de Alcala
Gran Via
I once heard an argument between a few of Casey's friends about what area in OKC compares to Gran Via. Someone threw out May Ave. due to its expansiveness of shopping and restaurants. If May Ave. looked like Gran Via, I would move there yesterday.

Plaza Mayor

Botanical Gardens
I love all things lush. Which means I will love the Botanical Gardens.

Museo del Prado

Casey: There's really good shopping in Spain, so make sure you take money to do that.
Me: Do you think I can get a pair of Prado Sunglasses? (said in all seriousness, of course)
Casey: Do you mean Prada? Prado is a museum.
Me: I know! That was a joke!

I'm always telling Casey when to laugh at my jokes.