Saturday, May 28, 2011


This button was just itching to be pushed.

On our 8th day of Spain, we headed a little North from Madrid to Segovia. This amazing town is nestled in the mountains and is a host to a 1st century aqueduct, a picturesque castle, and an amazing cathedral. It's worth a day trip, but it's small enough that we wouldn't have to stay over night. The great thing about it being so close to Madrid is the fact that we could take the AVE, the super high-speed train. To put this in perspective, we took a normal train there and it took an hour and 40 minutes. Coming back to Madrid on the AVE, it took 28 minutes. Woah.

Another great thing about the AVE is that every seat felt like a first-class ticket. There were clusters of four seats gathered around tables on both sides of the aisle. Casey, Doug and I found our way to the seats, and then Casey used the restroom. He came back full of excitement - the bathroom was apparently the best bathroom on a mode of transportation ever made. So of course, he said, "Babe... you have to go see it. It's empty now. GO!"  Who am I to contradict him?

As I meandered my way to the restroom, I passed a woman on my left who was looking at her phone. As I went to the bathroom I had to push the aforementioned button, the woman said something to me in French. I just smiled and pushed the button...

I will refrain for telling you the intimate details of what I saw inside. But I will tell you that what the woman had said to me was apparently not, "Ah, yeah, you have to push that there button to open the door." Rather, she was saying, "My husband is in there and you're about to make both of you very uncomfortable."

You know the problem with an electric door? It must open in entirety before it closes. And one must push the button to close it, as well. So homeboy hung out in the bathroom trying to hide himself for what was probably 20 seconds but felt like an eternity. I screamed in surprise/horror and then ran away back to my seat. I passed by the wife on my way to my seat.

Of course, I immediately told the story to Casey and he couldn't control his laughter. I joined in and then immediately stopped as I came to a realization. There were two empty seats in our little cluster of 4. Bathroom dude and his wife were the only two who hadn't sat down. 2 + 2 = 4 the love of god.

28 minutes was far too long for that train ride.

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Lisa C. said...

Marek...that is the funniest story I've heard in awhile! I think you, Casey and Doug will have to reinact it when you get home. It's even better that the frog story!