Sunday, July 10, 2011

Mocha Sugar Scrub

Bugs love me. Bugs bite me. Bugs leave a mark.

I reached the point of frustration the other day when I noticed that my legs were covered in bug bite scars. Any bite and any minute scratch results in something unsightly. My desire to have smooth beautiful skin finally got me to thinkin'. Aside from grabbing some Biotin and Vitamin E at the store, I decided to do something I had seen on Shayla's Local Blog.  You see, Shayla is quite a lovely friend who has great ideas, and I remember that she had done a sugar scrub a couple of months ago!  Unfortunately, I didn't think to look up her recipe prior to my grocery store trip and had to look up one in the aisles of Target.  I found this Mocha Sugar Scrub Recipe online.  We all know how insanely hot it is in Oklahoma, and I need about all of the reminders of Fall I can get.  This scrub does the job!

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