Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Green Door Headboard Tutorial

Hm, well, a year after this little project began, I'm posting the tutorial. It's called anticipation. Or forgetfulness. Whatever, quit judging me.

I've blogged about it before here. You can see how I got the door in headboard shape. Fairly easy, I promise!  Here's how we secured it to the wall.

After seeing several posts on how to use brackets to hold the headboard on the wall, I had them in hand, ready to go. But first, we had to make sure the door was going to be level. I say "we" because I made my dad come down to help me. He does a ton of woodwork, etc., so I was positive he'd be able to help.  To make things level and figuring out where we wanted to door to sit, we used some painter's tape.  See:

After taping up both sides, our next challenge was to determine where we needed to put the brackets on the wall so that they would line up with the brackets on the door.  At this point, we're still determined to use the brackets, so we hang the laser level to make some marks.  (Take note: the laser level is possibly one of the best things I own; I use it all of the time.)

About 2 seconds after we started measuring for the brackets, we finally decided that we were going to do something a little simpler/time saver/sanity saver.  We just pried off the 1" x 2" board on top and screwed the door directly into the wall.  We just had to find the studs which was a breeze! You can see the line on the tape where we marked the stud's location. 

After the door was secured, we put a small board on the bottom of the door that helped support the headboard.  By screwing it into the wall and into the headboard, we made a nice little bracket. After all of that was complete, my dad screwed the top board back into the headboard.



ely said...

That looks fantastic! Can't wait to see it all put together :)

♡Shayla♡ said...

*just letting you know- my url changed again- stupid.
*so you'll have resubscribe to my blog (if you want)- stupid
*I'm putting your scarves/etsy on a blog post as soon as it doesn't make people pass out from thinking about scarves in hellish heat- not stupid

love. you.