Monday, December 19, 2011

Can't win for trying

So I've gotten myself in to a pickle.

Every evening, when I return to my mansion two-bedroom, 850 s.f. home, there is a pitbull roaming my street, in my front yard or in my backyard.

Now, don't get me wrong. I know several very sweet, gentle pitbulls. This is not one of those. This is one of those vicious, fight with Roscoe and snap at me kind of pits. He knows how to jump his standard chain-link fence and does so with little regard. Although he resides 2 houses down, he's been in my backyard every night for the past 2 weeks. Every. Night.

You can probably sense that I'm not too thrilled with this new development. I don't feel comfortable letting Roscoe out when Charlie's out there. In fact, neither does Roscoe. Anytime he's outside and Charlie jumps the fence, Roscoe immediately runs inside and whimpers at me. I've done a great job at raising a sissy dog.

So, on Sunday, I'd had enough. I had both Bogart and Roscoe at my house, and Charlie was in the backyard. It was first thing in the morning, and both of my boys needed to relieve themselves, but I wasn't about to let them back there with stupid Charlie. So I took them out to the front yard, one at a time. I had been outside for all of 3 minutes when Charlie jumped my fence and came into my front yard. Of course, Bogart went ballistic, and I rushed to get him inside. I came back out and, knowing Charlie's owner was on his front porch, I tried to get him to call Charlie over. He said, and I quote, "I can't really do anything about him. He followed my son home a couple of months ago, and we can't keep him in the yard. I'm done worrying about it."

I called Animal Welfare and left a message. Unfortunately, their offices aren't open when I'm home/when Charlie's roaming the streets, so I haven't been able to actually reach someone. They called me back on Sunday afternoon and let me know they'd send someone out to check on the situation on Monday.

Monday, I received a call from the Norman Police Department - apparently they are in charge of the operations within the Animal Control division. They connected me to the animal control officer who had just spoken to my neighbor about his dog. Here's what I learned:

- My neighbor knows full well his dog is a nuisance.
- Animal Control officers can't write tickets.
- But I CAN!!! Citizen's arrest!
- If I write a ticket, we go in to arbitration.

Other concerns:
- My neighbor was busted for meth 2 years ago (I promise my neighborhood is quiet except for when the DEA stops in).
- I'm scared of what my neighbor might do to my dog.
- So I moved my dog to Casey's house.
- Even though the owner has been threatened with fines and getting his dog taken away, this will likely not phase him.

So, in sum, I've gotten myself in to a pickle. I tried to do the right thing for our neighborhood, but it may have been the wrong thing for me and my dog.

Any of you have suggestions on how to approach this from here on out?


StephanieBice said...

I can't believe they wont do anything. That can't be right, especially if he is harmful to others (what if there were children present??) There's got to be another option...

lisa Cornett said...

I would ask the police if you can sue them after you get mauled by the dog or your neighbor

SimonSaid said...

Could you catch the dog, take him to the pound and say that he was a "stray?" Say he looks like your neighbor's dog but you aren't sure?

Todd Ballje said...

holy. crap. baby jesus help... Im know by most for being pretty tough but I don't mess with meth heads.

Jane Jenkins said...

Move to OKC - preferable somewhere downtown.

Jacob L. Rowe said...

I have a pitbull. I think he is the sweetest thing in the whole world (and he is to me). However, I am not unaware of the threat he poses to the neighborhood kids, dogs, and old folks, my wife and I make sure to keep him under our direct control at all times. The reason these amazing dogs get such a bad rap is because there are douchebag owners like your neighbor. It's tragic that the authorities have washed their hands of the situation.

Marek's Musings said...

I can contact the non-emergency police line if he's roaming when animal control isn't open. If there's an officer in the vicinity, they'll send him/her over. I don't want any interaction with the dog, so I'm not too keen on catching it. I think I'm just going to have to keep calling the animal control office/police department every time I see him out so they have a higher chance of getting him. I hate that he has such a ridiculous owner that doesn't give him the life he deserves.

cwoody said...

get thee to your city council person. escalate.