Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas present struggle

Not every craft works out the first time around. I've done half a dozen projects that, halfway through, I think, "This is absolute crap." So goes the presents I made for my co-workers for Christmas.

There are 12 girls within my department, and I thought making them all a sugar scrub in a cute little jar would be a nice little treat. The sugar scrub was easy as pie. {sidebar - "easy as pie" is a dumb cliche. Pie isn't easy. Everyone knows that.} The jars were another story.

I found these cute little jars at Hobby Lobby. While I was there, I picked up some chalkboard spray paint so the jars could be re-purposed after the sugar scrub was gone. When I got home, I taped the top of the jar and the bottom of the jar with painter's tape. Then I took them outside to start painting. Here's where the idea in my head met the impracticality of the project.

There's something to be said for using gloves for this process. See.

I still haven't gotten all of the paint off (4 days later). After everything dried, I took the tape off, expecting great things. What I got was this -

Wah wah. Stupid jar. Stupid painter's tape for not sealing the edge. Stupid ... everything. So, in a last-ditch effort to revive my project, I invested in some acetone. Not trusting the steadiness of my hand, I just filled a bowl with the amount I needed to reach up to the bottom of the line I was intending. I dipped it, and ... it didn't work. So, I marched my booty down to Hobby Lobby and picked up 11 more jars.

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