Monday, February 21, 2011

Group Hug

It all started with The Girlie Show.

Last November, Casey took me on a surprise date where one of the stops happened to be The Girlie Show. (I am, in fact, a girl. So it was a great idea.) One of the tens of booths that we walked by had a panoply (thank you, Decemberists, for increasing my vocabulary!) of knitted/crocheted items. I was inspired! I went to Michael's the next day and found yarn and crochet needles. I had NO idea what I was going to do with them, but that's what youtube is for! A month and a half later, I had a scarf to give Casey. The scarf is terrible, but he's incredibly sweet, so he still wears it.

Fast forward to February. I'd be practicing my craft on my friends and family (suckas), and I was finally understanding what things do and don't work. When one of my co-workers, Kristen, was complaining about an infinity scarf she had ordered for an upcoming work conference. I immediately jumped on the chance to make her one... and what a wild ride it has been!

Shortly after giving Kristen hers, orders started pouring in. I LOVE doing this, so it was amazing that people actually wanted things I was making. A particularly large order came in from another c0-worker, Kitt. Kitt ordered them for the girls in her family for Valentine's Day (and she has quite a few, so I was a busy bee for about a week). The day after Valentine's, I got a text from Kitt: "Is there any way you can make me another scarf in black?" I was happy to oblige.

The next day, I ran into Kitt and she explained her need for another scarf. It wasn't that she forgot one of her family members.... oh no, the story is MUCH better than that.

Kitt had sent a message to her family telling them their presents were on the way and to let her know if they needed to know how to wear them. When her mother-in-law received hers, she was thrilled. "It's so soft and warm. We just can't figure out how to wear it." We. We? Kitt became concerned, "How exactly have you been wearing it?" Her MIL then described how she and her husband would curl up on the couch... and, well...

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