Friday, February 18, 2011

A bare wall and a little bit of love

On Dorchester Drive, there's a little two bedroom house that I call my own. After nearly 2 years of calling it home, I've been chipping away at the bland interior to bring out all of the charm my 1954 can muster. You may have seen my headboard project or the heart felt wreath that I made for my front door, but I was recently struck by inspiration to add a little flair to this wall.

Don't mind the messy table - it's just the culmination of about 4 weeks' worth of coupons/information to take to my accountant for taxes. Really, this table is often where my crafts occur because it's well-lit and within sight of the television. I digress...

This wall is craving something other than the plants that are sustaining it. Those plants will be relocating outside as soon as we clear the chance for the last freeze, so I need a little bit of flare. My inspiration came from a blog I frequent - Under the Table and Dreaming. The blogger has a Sunday Showcase where other bloggers send her ideas for creative projects in their own homes. This past Sunday, I was struck by this:

How stinkin' awesome is that? I went on over to the original blog where this came from. Unfortunately, the blogger didn't put any instructions for how she did this (bummer). So I asked around. My friend Brigette is up on the best home blogs, so she sent me over to Centsational Girl's website where I discovered there are actual stencils that exist for this very purpose! I ordered one, and it should be here in a week or so. Check back for the results!

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♡Shayla♡ said...

Consider all of those books added to my list! Yes! I want to borrow the last two.. I'll get with you after I'm finished with this book. It's a really easy read. so soon.

wow, i thought that was an entire wall of wallpaper. And I know you agree with me now, that wallpaper is a NO! haha.

That will look awesome. I can't wait to see your finished wall!